The object of this Company is to establish, under the powers and authority of an Act of Parliament, a
Public Cemetery for Birmingham and its neighbourhood, with a chapel, and all necessary Vaults, Catacombs,
&c. On one or more large plots of ground, conveniently situated in the outskirts of the Town, to be
consecrated by the Bishop of the Diocese, and set apart for ever for interments, according to the order of the
Established Church of England and Ireland. And in order that the Cemetery may be available, even to the
poorest inhabitants, notwithstanding that its site will be some distance removed from several of the
manufacturing parts of the town, it is also proposed that suitable conveyance for the body and mourners of
poor persons, shall be supplied by the Company, on payment of a small additional fee for such
Great profits are known to have arisen from the possession of private Burial Grounds, but it is scarcely
decorous, in a matter that so deeply interests our best feelings, to hold out an expectation of gain, as a first and
prominent feature in furtherance of an undertaking mainly intended to provide a great public establishment, to
supply the urgent wants of the rapidly increasing population of the Town ; a clear per centage on the capital
invested of upwards of ten per cent. per annum may, however, be calculated on.
The registers will be kept free of charge, and, being authorised by Act of Parliament, will be legal
evidence in the courts of law, for members of the Church of England, as well as Dissenters of every religious
denomination, so that an accessible and authentic means of identification will be thus secured.
APPLICATIONS FOR SHARES, are to be made to the Provisional Committee, addressed (pre-paid,)
under cover, to
MR. JOHN B. HERBERT, Solicitor,
To the Provisional Committee of the Church of England Cemetery Company, Birmingham
I request that you will allot me Shares of £10. each in the capital of the above-named Company,
and I will accept the same or any less number. I also agree to sign the Parliamentary Contract and Subscribers’
Agreement when called upon, and forthwith to pay the required deposit of £1. Per share, together with the
further calls, as and when the Directors for the time being, may require the same to be paid.
Dated the
day of
Profession or calling
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 10