13. Isaac Horton

Isaac acquired properties and ground leases including the Midland Hotel (now the Burlington), and the Grand Hotel.

14. Thomas Avery J.P

Thomas Avery is best known of course for Avery's scales but it was thanks to his efforts that Birmingham's sewage problem was solved and the city gained the Saltley Sewage plant.

15. Abraham Follett Osler

A very interesting and again forgotten man. Abraham was linked with many notable people such as Edward Elgar, Charles Dickens and many leading Birmingham citizens such as Tangye, Kenrick, Martineau, Nettlefold, Chance and Cadbury.

16. Mrs Sarah Priestley Finch

Daughter of Dr. Joseph Priestley, the discoverer of Oxygen (and fizzy drinks).

17. John Sheldon

John Sheldon stands supreme amongst early nineteenth century manufacturers of writing equipment.

18. The Martineau Family

19. The Chance Family

Chance Brother Glass is renowned for its innovation and quality.

20. Edward WarruLan

The Son of an Aboriginal King.

21. Victoria Cross

Private James Cooper V.C. and Sergeant Albert Gill V.C.


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