1. Edward Lant Tyndall

A direct representative of the William Tyndall, the martyr and Bible translator.

2. William Butler

Remebered for his partneship with a certain Mr Mitchell.

3. The Empson Family

Dick Empson and King Henry VII's Tax Collector

4. Captain William Hamilton McBean

A suspicious death.

5. William Murphy

Anti-Papal Lecturer.

6. George Dawson M.A.

English nonconformist preacher, lecturer and activist. He was a hugely influential voice in the calls for radical political and social reform in Birmingham, a philosophy that became known as the Civic Gospel

7. Henry Palethorpe

Henry is an instantly recognisable name with a “sizzle” and yes it is that Henry Palethorpe.Henry is an instantly recognisable name with a “sizzle” and yes it is that Henry Palethorpe.

8. Revd Edward G. Manning

Edward Manning who was Chaplain and Superintendent at Key Hill from 1899 until his death in 1952.

9. John Frearson

JOHN FREARSON is largely unremembered, but witnessed the great socialist changes from the Chartist and Owenite movements to the Co-operative movement of the 1870s and the New Socialism of William Morris in the 1880s.

10. John Baskerville

John Baskerville was a printer responsible for significant innovations in printing, paper and ink production.

11. John Skirrow Wright M.P.

One of the prominent pioneers and social improvers of the 19th century in Birmingham.

12. John Postgate FRCS

Campaigner for unadulterated food.