Birmingham Daily Post Saturday 19 January 1889

To the Editor of the Daily Post

Sir, - Glancing at an article in to-day’s Post concerning the Birmingham ‘Red Book,’ I find you saying that in Birmingham the ‘Unitarians have seven places of worship (including the Church of the Saviour).’ Regarding the Church itself, the ‘Red Book,’ very correctly, does not in any way connect it with Unitarianism; and, respecting myself personally, you will find my name in its proper place in the Congregational Year Book for 1889, on p.371. May I ask on what grounds you venture the statement that the Church of the Saviour is a Unitarian place of worship?   

January 18, 1889. N.M.Hennessy

[We acknowledge and regret the error: It was a slip of the pen -  Ed. D.P.]