8. Revd Edward H. Manning

The Birmingham General Cemetery (Key Hill)

Section K 526 

The memorial reads:-

In unfading memory of Cornelia wife of E. H. MANNING who passed on January 6th 1931 "Emigravit." And EDWARD H. MANNING 53 years Chaplain of this cemetery who passed on June 16th 1952 aged 83 years. (Kerb): "There is no death."


Edward Manning who was Chaplain and Superintendent at Key Hill from 1899 until his death in 1952 – when the Council took over. He kept meticulous records and wrote three pamphlets about the cemetery with biographical details of notable people buried there. He lived with his family in the mortuary chapel. Most Christmases they were hosts to an extended group of friends who celebrated the holiday with them in their odd home.

The Last thing recorded in his diary was on February 6th that King George VI ‘died in his sleep’ and that on that day his own weight was 10 stone 10 lb wearing a ‘light overcoat’.