4. Captain William Hamilton McBean

The Birmingham General Cemetery (Key Hill)

Section N 310

Rev'd E. H. Manning Wrote in his book :-

Captain in the Royal Scots Greys. Monument erected by brother officers.


The age in Rev Manning’s book appears to vary from that on the memorial - which has lead lettering, is difficult to read and is badly in need of repair. It reads:-

“To the memory of Quarter Master Thomas Hamilton MCBEAN, Scots Greys who died in an explosion (?) Birmingham on the 13th March 1864 in his 55th year. This tablet was erected by his brother officers as a mark of their (?) and respect for his high character during his long service of 36 years in the Scots Greys ............ "

It was reported at the time that Captain MCBEAN lit a match whist sitting on a case of explosives. A bother officer climbed through a window to try to rescue the Captain; and was decorated for his bravery.