Search Help

This is a search of the memorials still remaining at the two cemeteries as recorded by the JQRG. Checking is yet to be completed so no guarantee is given regarding accuracy or completeness. If you are able to help with this task please contact

You can search the grave numbers or search for a string. The grave number search takes priority over the string search.

There are three boxes that will accept search criteria. Boxes one and two only except alpha characters and box three will only  accept numerics. Search boxes will not accept wild cards or special characters.

In text boxes 1 and 2 you may enter a full name, last or first name, a place or any other word or words that you wish to search on but remember it will search for text exactly as you entered it . The string search will look for records with ALL THE CRITERIA you entered up to a maximum of 150 records; if there are more than 150 records found you will need to enter additional search criteria.

You may for instance enter “JOHN SMITH” in the first box and then perhaps his wife’s name in the second box. Alternatively you may enter “SMITH” in the first box and, if he was in the army “ARMY” in the second. Additionally you may add a year, age or a day of the month in the number box.