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JQRT databases provide the ability to search for ancestors who may be buried at Key Hill or Warstone Lane Cemeteries.

They are the free to use and form part of the JQRT’s aim to publish online as complete a picture of the people and graves as possible.

A new database is being added that will include details and a photo of the grave.

Many prominate people are buried there and visitors to our website can read about the lives of notable and interesting people.

As well as individual information the JQRT increasingly provides details and statistics about the cemeteries themselves.


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Samuel Timmins

1826 - 1902

An accomplished Shakespearean scholar. A good actor and an able elocutionist.

Charles Reece Pemberton

1790 - 1840


Famous traveller, author, actor and, above all, lecturer, his favourite theme being Shakespeare.

His reputation as a Shakespearian scholar was known Here and in the USA. He was known as Shakespeare Timmins.

William Glydon

1819 - 1900

No Known Photo

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Many People all over the world are descended from people buried here. Use our databases to see if you have relatives buried at Key Hill or Warstone Lane Cemeteries.

Buried at Key Hill

Buried at Key Hill

Buried at Key Hill